Get to know Harry

Harry’s Pilot Bio (in his words)

I got my pilot’s license more than 20 years ago, but lost interest, just flying from one piece of asphalt to another. About 5 years ago, I discovered the Kitfox m, experimental aviation, and that STOL/Backcountry flying exists all around me, not just in Alaska. Since then I built a STOL Kitfox and jumped into backcountry flying with both feet.

Harry’s Plane he’s racing at Mayday:

“Spirit of Louis” is a Kitfox 4 that I built of the course of 3 years. My grandpa’s name was Louis, he loved to fly, and he had an unbuilt kit plane in his basement, that I used to sit in and hanger fly. Unfortunately he did not complete the airplane build, before he died.

STOL Drag Race Events and Finishes:

  • 2021 Deadcow STOL Drag, finished bottom of the Sliver class.
  • 2022 Copperstate STOL Drag finished 8th of Gold class.

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