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You can signup to become an official competitor in the MayDay 2021 STOL Drag Races.

Choose below and learn more about how you can become a racer in the Official STOL Drag competition or with the Traditional STOL races held and organized by MayDay STOL officials.

Become a STOL Drag CompetitorBecome a Traditional STOL Competitor

Official STOL Drag Racing

If you are an experienced pilot who has some experience racing STOL Drag or have experience with backcountry flying and are interested in registering with the Official STOL Drag racing body – click below to register!


STOL DRAG is the official governing body of STOL Drag races for MayDay STOL Drag Races 2021 and beyond. They have several race events across the country every year with the best STOL Drag pilots.

Click here to become a STOL Drag Competitor

From here you will visit the STOL Drag website to register and begin your training! Please be sure to read their information before you register.

There are also options available for those racers who want to take the official STOL Drag Class.


Compete in Traditional STOL

Click below to learn more about how you can compete in the Traditional STOL competition at MayDay 2021. The traditional STOL is organized by MayDay 2021 STOL officials and is open to all licensed pilots in several classes.

Click here to compete in Traditional STOL

From here you will visit the information and signup page for Traditional STOL at MayDay 2021.


Traditional STOL

Traditional STOL at MayDay STOL 2021 is open to licensed pilots who are interested in competing in traditional STOL. For more information on Traditional STOL and to register please click the button.

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